Sciforma is a Project Management company set out to simplify project management and decrease time spent tracking assets across multiple projects. During my time at Sciforma, I contributed to a multitude of projects including Gantt, RAM, Time Distribution, Work Packages and also implementing a new type of design called Purpose Driven Design or PDD. My job was to keep the team on track as the gatekeeper of Visual Assets and creating new assets when none were in place.

Purpose Driven Design

PDD was headed by our manager and is the key factor to future design implementations. It drives the angle of “when I want to do something, this is what it should look like”. As you can see in the images, left side, these are the layouts that will contribute to the success of PDD. And to the right are the icons associated with what action a Project manager wants to take.

Through PDD we were able to pinpoint the most important actions. Whether it be to administrate, print, configure, analyze, integrate, or initiate, we were able to understand the action and design accordingly. These layouts and icons were created to showcase our design goals and convince partners this was our best course of action to increase Sciformas’ affectiveness.


Jordan Jalles – UX Designer

Camille Despringhere – UX Designer

These two were my partners in crime during my time at Sciforma. They contributed to each of these projects equally and were crucial to the outcome.

Cherie Kunkel – Web Designer/Developer

Error Pages

Not associated with PDD, are some error pages I created for Sciforma. The ones previous were a bit too corporate for their liking, so I set off to create something more creative:


Work Packages

Work Packages was the first project I worked on while at Sciforma. It consisted of creating an individual card based description of a Work Package Managers overall project analysis. From budget to timing, it was all in the cards for a quick update for the Project Manager. It also offered detailed drill-down views for in-depth overviews.



The RAM project was interesting. We had to update an outdated extension that allowed PM’s to view, submit, reject or approve projects. The previous version of this extension was a bit wonky in terms of looks and functionality. Here is what we created:


We separated the left column from the middle column so there was a distinction between the two.

Here’s also a concept for a future design for this space:



Time Distribution

The Time Distributed Grid was a fun challenge. Take the existing grid and associate UX and UI best practices. I’ll put this one in a slide show so you can get a better feel for what’s going on (hint: Arrival, Error, Final):

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Graphic Design

Aside from the Visual Design side of Sciforma, I also performed some Graphic Design duties. This includes some print banners, questionnaires, t-shirts and freshening up some white pages. Take a look:

Here are some banners and a t-shirt design for a Paris Symposium. The goal was to venture outside the comforts of Sciformas’ previous corporate designs and just have fun with it.

Next is a series of banner designs for a Gartner Tradeshow. The goal in this one was to do something out of the norm. To capture interest and show that our reputation speaks for itself:

Here’s a brochure type web page. This was originally designed for print but I suggested making it into a landing page of sorts because it was never going to be printed anyway, just viewed on a screen.



That is all for now. Thank you for viewing my work. If there are any questions, feel free to ask.